Sheldon Test

The test below is based on the test presented in the Inner Explorations website, specifically the chapter on Sheldon.  Because of the brevity of the test, the results should not be taken too seriously!

For each set of three choices give your first preference a 3, second preference a 2, and least preferred choice a 1.

When troubled I seek out...

1.  people
2.  action
3.  solitude

I prefer...

4.  physical comfort
5.  physical adventure
6.  privacy

The time of my life I favor is...

7.  childhood
8.  early adulthood
9.  later years

What would bother me most would be...

10.  being cut off from other people
11.  being closed off in small places
12.  being exposed to endless noise

I prefer to...

13.  let things take their course
14.  do things
15.  observe what is going on

When in a group I like to...

16.  mingle
17.  take charge
18.  take off

The thing I like most is...

19.  eating
20.  exercise
21.  time to myself

The qualities that fit me best are...

22.  tolerance and love of people
23.  love of power and leadership
24.  a highly developed self-awareness