Values Survey

The following survey was adapted from Allport, Vernon, and Lindzey’s test, A Study of Values.
It was designed to provide insight into Gordon Allport’s theory. Owing to the brevity of the test,
the results should not be taken too seriously.

For each of the following items, rank the four alternatives (a-d) as follows:

1 = your highest preference
2 = your second preference
3 = your third preference
4 = your lowest preference

01. A good government should aim chiefly at...

 a.  more aid for the poor, sick, and old.
 b.  the development of manufacturing and trade.
 c.  introducing the highest ethical principles into its policies.
 d.  establishing a position of power and respect among nations.

02. Someone who works all week would best spend the weekend...

 a.  keeping up on the latest in scientific advances.
 b.  trying to win at golf or other sport.
 c.  going to a classical music concert or art museum.
 d.  reading religious or philosophical books.

03. If I could influence the educational policies of the public schools of some city, I would try to...

 a.  promote the study of and participation in music and the fine arts.
 b.  encourage the study of social problems.
 c.  provide additional laboratory facilities.
 d.  increase the practical value of courses.

04. I would prefer a friend who...

 a.  is practical, efficient, and hard working.
 b.  is seriously interested in thinking out his or her philosophy of life.
 c.  has leadership and organizational skills.
 d.  shows artistic sensitivity.

05. If I had a lot of extra money, I would prefer to...

 a.  use it to promote industrial and commercial growth.
 b.  use to help advance people's spiritual needs.
 c.  contribute to  the development of scientific research.
 d.  give it to family- and child-oriented charities.

06. When I go to the movies, I prefer...

 a.  movies that feature great heros.
 b.  artistic, imaginative movies.
 c.  movies about relationships and love.
 d.  mysteries and other movies that make you think.

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