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1. Introduction

2. Freud

3. Anna Freud
and Erikson

4. Jung
and Rank

5. Adler

6. Horney
and Ellis

7. Fromm

8. Eysenck (et al.)

9. Bandura

10. Allport and 
Snygg & Combs

11. Kelly

12. Maslow
and Rogers

13. Binswanger
and Boss

14. Frankl
and May

15. Conclusions

This course will examine a number of the best known theories of personality. 

Text:  There is no text to buy.  I have put my own “e-text” on the internet so that you can read it there or download it or print it out to read at your leisure.  Clicking on the chapter you want on the right will get you there.  Or you can get to the chapters (and more) from the table of contents.

Grades: Your grade will be based on the quality of a journal.  For each of the fifteen assignments this course involves, I ask that you send me, via e-mail, a one "page" (500 words) "review" of the theorist, theorists, or chapter.  (Most word processors have a word-counting function, in case you need it.)  You may write more if you want!

Note that some assignments are for one theorist (e.g. Freud), some are for two (e.g. Horney and Ellis), and some are for the intro and conclusions chapters.  Only one "page" of commentary is required for each assignment -- although you are always welcome to write more!

In each journal page, I would like you to (1) indicate aspects of the theory or theories (or chapter) you liked and why, (2) indicate aspects of the theory that you disliked and why, and (3) ask any questions about the theory that you would like me to answer.  I do not want you to give me an outline of the chapter.

Important note:  I cannot translate some word processing texts, so please always type or cut-and-paste your work directly onto an e-mail!  (Thanks.)

I will return each review with my comments and responses to your questions, and a grade of A, B, or C, where A means very good, B means average, and C means less than average.  You can feel free to re-do a paper at any time.  Note, however, that even one F that hasn't been re-done earns an F for the course -- don't let that happen!

Timing:  The only thing I should clarify, perhaps, is that I want you to do one assignment at a time, in the order given.  I want to read your journal page and get comments back to you before you go on to the next one. I also want you to finish at least half the chapters by the end of the first half of the course.  That's so I won't have to read ten gazillion papers in the last week!  Beyond those limitations, you can work at your own speed.

It is also important to me that you do not start sending me daily journal pages until the course actually starts, in case that was on your mind. On the other hand, I also need you  to make sure that you finish the entire course in the time alotted, that is, 10 weeks.  I am not allowed to give extensions!!!

I hope you enjoy the course!

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Registration:  If you are a current undergraduate student, you can register on-line following the same process as you do for registering for the fall semester.  You must have seen your advisor and have no holds on your record. 

If you are not a current undergraduate student at SU, you need to contact the office of extended studies and they will send you a registration form in the mail.  There is no application fee.

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The Self is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. -- Carl Jung

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