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Technical Professional Writing I

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Read carefully the complete descriptionof all assignments, here or on d2l.

Netiquette Guide

In groups of three, you will complete the Netiquette Guide described in exercise 7 at the end of chapter 9. This should be designed like an actual handout you might receive from the university, in a packet at orientation for instance. You should also hand in a completed audience profile sheet (from ch 4) to show how you thought about your audience and how that affected your product.

Job Application Project

Complete exercise 6, chapter 10. Write a 1 page application letter and a 1-2 page resume. Choose the resume format appropriate for you: chronological for a traditional student or skills for someone who has been in the work force for a while.

Instructions Project

Write a set of instructions following the book’s guidelines, about 2-4 pages long ( thus, don’t pick anything so complicated that you can’t do a good job, but don’t pick something too easy either!) ┬áIn addition to the instructions, include a separate audience analysis memo telling me who your audience is and how this influenced the way you wrote your instructions.

Sentence Revision Exercises

This is a writing class, after all! The writing and grammatical skills covered from chapter 6 are crucial to effective technical communication, so take your time and really apply the advice from the chapter.

Researched Recommendation Report

This is our other major assignment of the semester, which asks you to investigate one of two topics and to provide a recommendation on the subject. Preferably, you will investigate a particular issue within the broad field of your “profession” or your major; you also can examine a particular issue that relates in some way to Shippensburg University or the surrounding community. Your research should be organized by a specific research question for which your report will provide the answer. You may work in pairs on this project.

The body of the report should be around 2200- 3200 words. It must contain at least two graphics, one of which you must create yourself (both of these requirements will be longer for students working in pairs).

Progress Report

For this assignment, report in a memo on the status of your research report, including the following information: an introduction, work completed and work remaining sections, and a conclusion. In addition to strong content, the memo will be evaluated on how well it follows the guidelines associated with writing memos as detailed in the book: appropriate identifying information, clear purpose statement up front, appropriate summary/background, effective organization and document design, clear grammatically correct writing.

Oral Presentations

Each of you will present your research to the class in a very short (5-6 minutes) talk. Your presentation should not just be a summary of your paper but an interesting and directed presentation about the topic. I’ll be checking that you follow standard “oral presentation” guidelines: that you present a quick overview, that you relate the presentation to your audience needs, that you present effectively (using appropriate style, pace, length, etc), and that your slides represent graphic excellence following the guidelines we talked about. We will either create an evaluation sheet of our own or use a version of the one in the text.


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