Schedule of Assignments

Technical Professional Writing I

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I reserve the right to modify the syllabus in the best interest of the class--please check here!

Week 1 (Jan 18, 20  )
Chapter covered: 1 (Intro to Technical Communication)  

18 Tues: Introduction to class, technical writing, major assignments

for Thurs: ch1,ex #2: not a memo, just a paragraph! 

20  Thurs: go over exercise; begin Writing Center memo 

HAND IN: Writing Center memo (d2l: Content > Homework) through d2l Assignments (Writing Center Memo) by end of class 

At some point this weekend, take the quizzes for chapters 4 and 3, found on d2l. From this week on, you need to read the chapters listed and take the quizzes for those chapters BEFORE class on Tuesday, unless I say otherwise. Quizzes close at 1:30 pm.

Week 2 (25,  27)
Chapters covered: 4 (Analyzing Audience and Purpose); 3 (Writing Collaboratively). TAKE QUIZZES on d2l before class on Tuesday 25 Jan

25 Tues:  concepts of audience + audience analysis exercise; begin discussion of Netiquette Guide (see Assignments PDF; also on d2l)  

27 Thurs : Discuss collaborative techniques; work on Collaboration Exercise (also at d2l: Content > Homework)

HAND IN by end of class: Collaboration Exercise through d2l Assignments (Collaboration exericse)  

Week 3 (Feb 1, 3 )
Chapter covered: 9 (Writing Correspondence), 7 (Designing Print and Online Documents). TAKE QUIZZES on d2l before class on Tuesday (ch9) and Thursday (ch7)

1 Tues: discuss types of correspondence; work on memo revision (see how I'm grading memos and letters)

HAND IN by end of class: memo revision through d2l Assignments (Writing Center Memo)

3 Thurs: discuss document design principles: how does this apply to netiquette guide? here's a chapter guide

Week 4 (8, 10)
Chapter covered: 10 (Applying for a Job). TAKE QUIZ on d2l before class on Tuesday.

8 Tues: discuss document design principles applied to resumes; begin resume discussion and work on resume revision exercise

DUE (2/8 at beginning of class): Netiquette Guide through d2l Assignments ("Netiquette Guide"). Grading guidelines here and on d2l

HAND IN by end of class: resume revision exercise (through d2l Assignments)

10 Thurs: finish resume work and discussion; begin cover letters; work on in-class cover letter assignment for discussion

 HAND IN by end of class: cover letter exercise (or through d2l Assignments)

Week 5 (15, 17)

15 Tues: finish cover letters; bring to class first rough draft for peer review of resume and cover letter

17 Thurs: career center visit switched to zoom:   Have questions you want to ask! Here's a great handout from the Career Center and our grading rubric

DUE (15): RD of resumes and cover letters

Week 6 (22, 24)
Chapter covered: second half of Ch 6 (Writing for Your Readers, “Structuring Effective Sentences”—no quiz;  14 (Writing Definitions, Description, and Instructions) quiz for TR

 22 Tues: begin discussion of Chapter 6 and nominalizations (start with this video!) Learn why lists are your friends.

DUE (22): FD resume and cover letters. Bring hard copy to hand in at beginning of class as well as turn in on d2l

24 Thurs:  Sick kid: instead of class: bad  instructions and design exercise (through d2l Assignments)


Week 7 (March 1, 3)
Chapter covered: portions of 8 (Creating Graphics) pages193-203 and 220-230)--no quiz 

1 Tues go over instructions project; design in instructions (reports on d2l under Sample Reports). Assign chapter 6 exercises.

3 IN LAB: discuss graphics for instructions; finish ch 6 sentences discussion.

DUE (??) : Chapter 6 Sentence Exercises through d2l Assignments folder. Read carefully!


Week 9 (March 15, 17)
Chapters covered: 13 (Writing Recommendation Reports) TAKE QUIZ for TH)

15    introduce Researched Recommendation Report assignment; review all aspects including proposal     

DUE (15):chapter 6 exercises sometime before this date

17 Thurs: bring rough draft of instructions for peer review (here's the new grading rubric  ). Discuss and review examples of reports and do in-class work

DUE (17): Rough Draft of Instructions

Week 10 (22,24)
Chapter covered: 5 (Researching Your Subject); take quiz 

22 Tues: Finish ch. 13 discussion. Discuss chapter 5; do exercises  at end of chapter.   Make work schedule, and go over research plans

DUE (22): Final Draft of Instructions

24 IN LAB  Thurs: more research exercises (websites and questionnaires). update research plans. In class: review/hand back your proposals. Bring a snack to share! Jessica is hungry!

DUE:  3/22 (or  3/24)? : Proposal for recommendation report project

Week 11 (29, 31)
Chapters covered : 12 (Writing Informational Reports; read section on progress/status reports—no quiz; 6 (Writing for your Readers)--first half of chapter, and take quiz this time!

29 Tues: introduce progress reports; complete progress reports exercise; work on coherency exercises (in d2l Homework)

NEW! View videos at D2L > "Videos on MSWord Features" and learn to create headings using the Styles feature,  how to build a TOC. Here is the TOC assignment I sent out    

31 Thurs: QUESTIONS on styles, headings, TOC; MSWord advanced features. Head to Career Fair at 2:45

             HAND IN by end of class or ASAP: TOC of your sections (d2l dropbox)

Week 12 (April 5, 7)
Chapter covered: 8 (Graphics); TAKE QUIZ this time!

5 Tues: discuss graphics and graphics for reports; finish coherency exercises 

7 IN LAB  Thurs: finish graphics and graphics for reports; time to finish progress reports if needed or update research plans

DUE (7): progress reports (here's the grading rubric) 

Week 13 (12, 14)
Chapter covered: 15 (Oral Presentations). TAKE QUIZ

12 Tues: Discuss oral presentations, review MSpowerpoint

14 Thurs: work on reports; finish work on presentations; revamp Markel's form

Week 14 (19, 21)
19 Mon and Tues: optional confernces with me ( the link to sign up is at our D2L  homepage)  

21  Thurs: Work on reports; bring current draft of papers for a quick peer review

Week 15 (26, 28)
26: DUE second rough draft for peer review; bring two copies of current draft

28: In classroom or lab: presentations and questions/review

DUE (28): Final draft of Recommendation Report; final grading sheet is available

Exam (May 3, 1:00): presentations  EMAIL ME your presentation beforehand!