Psychology of Computers and the Internet

These tutorials were created by undergraduate students enrolled in Psychology of Computers and the Internet (Psy. 432). Each page deals with a specific phenomenon related to the psychological implications of computer and internet use. Student teams created these tutorials as a final project for the course. These tutorials are intended to educated and inform internet users about recent research and theory in the field of PsyberPsychology.

You may use the information contained in these tutorials for research educational and informational purposes, but please credit the authors and source.


Fall 2017 Tutorials

Online Dating in the 21st Century

Adolescents, Technology, and Sleep

Politics and Social Networking Sites

Psychology of Online Pornography Use

Social Media and Online Relationships



Fall 2015 Tutorials

Identity Construction on the Internet

The Psychology of Online Sexual Activity (OSA)






Spring 2014 Tutorials

Psychology of Online Support

Psychology of Online Dating

Negative Effects of Online Relationships

Deviance and Internet Anonymity

The Internet and Body Dissatisfaction

Psychology of Online Privacy

Benefits of Video Game

Spring 2013 Tutorials

Cyberloafing in the Workplace

Psychology of Online Political Movements

Combating Cyber-Stalking

Weight Stigmatization and the Internet

Psychology of Online Deception

Psychology of Online Bullying

Spring 2013 Tutorials

Negative Effects of Facebook on Relationship

The Internet s Impact on Body Dissatisfaction

Online Therapy

Positive Aspects of Video Games

 Cyberbullying Prevention

Fall 2009 Tutorials

Online Deception

Persuasion and the Internet

Online Advertising

Psychology of Videogames

Children and the Internet

Gambling and the Internet

Adolescents and Online Relationship

Spring 2008 Tutorials

Internet Abuse and Addiction

Video Game Abuse and Addiction

Psychology of Video Games

Online Dating and Relationships

Internet Miscommunication