Interactive Flash Programs

by James Hamblin, Shippensburg University

Here are some Flash programs that I have developed over the past couple of years. The tools were developed to be used for my Introduction to Abstract Algebra and Math for Liberal Studies classes at Shippensburg University.

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Cycle Notation

This program allows a user to input a one-to-one and onto function and generate the cycle notation. It can also generate a random function and the corresponding cycle notation.

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Cycle Composer

This function allows the user to see how product works in Sym(4), the symmetric group on 4 symbols.

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Symmetries of the Square

This program helps the user visualize the symmetries of the square and the elements of the dihedral group.

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Composing Symmetries

This program shows the group structure of D_8, the group of symmetries of the square.

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Quilting Patterns

This program shows the effects of various quilting methods from a given "core square." Users can see the resulting symmetries and similarities between the different patterns.

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Task Scheduling

This program models task-scheduling for jobs that can be broken down into several tasks.

Flash Source, "Task" class definition

Bin Packing

This program generates random items that need to be packed into bins of size 10. It allows students to practice various bin-packing algorithms.

Flash Source, "Weight" class definition

"Electoral College"

This program models an Electoral College-type election with several districts worth various numbers of victory points. Each district can be assigned to one of two candidates, or remain in dispute.

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GCD Example Generator

This program allows students to create randomized GCD examples of varying levels of difficulty.

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Substitution Ciphers

This program encodes and decodes text using Caesar, Vignere, and Autokey ciphers.

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Numerical Semigroup Exploration

These applets allow you to investigate properties of numerical semigroups and their associated vectors.

Single example, 3 coordinates
Visual example

"Lights Out" Game

This game was created to show the usefulness of creating dynamic event listeners in Flash. The corresponding tutorial can be found here.

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