GeoGebra Samples - Marc Renault

I'm a big fan of the software GeoGebra.  Here are some sample worksheets and applets I've created with the program.

Calculus I

Riemann sums
Taylor polynomials

Calculus III

Graphing parametric equations
Finding a polar point
Writing polar coordinates
The connection between cartesian and polar graphs
Graphing polar equations
The cycloid curve
Definition of the derivative of a vector-valued function
Spirograph! (Epitrochoids and hypotrochoids)

Linear Algebra

2x2 linear transformations of points
2x2 linear tranformation of the plane
Visualizing eigenvectors, part 1
Visualizing eigenvectors, part 2
Discrete dynamical systems

My home page


Euclid's proof of the Pythagorean theorem
The Desargues Theorem
The Projective Pappus Theorem
The Fermat-Toricelli point
Construction of Simson's line
The connection between 2x2 matrices and linear fractional functions

Just for Fun

Animated circles
A clock that tells the real time

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