A GeoGebra Tutorial

The idea behind this tutorial is to introduce you quickly to the major capabilities of GeoGebra, and give you the tools to explore the details on your own.  As much as possible, I'll try to move from basic to more advanced, emphasizing the features most commonly used.  I assume you have downloaded GeoGebra from www.geogebra.org and have it set up on your computer.  The official GeoGebra help document is here.

As you go through these tutorials, feel free to experiment, get off track, and "kick the tires."  This is for you, after all!

1. A Geometric Construction
    - Basic geometric input, using the toolbar
    - Zooming, shifting the graphics view
    - Show/hide/rename objects
    - Editing object properties

2. Algebra and Functions
    - Modifying axes and the grid
    - Exploring the algebra view
    - Redefining objects
    - Using check boxes and sliders
    - Working with text

3. A Derivative Construction
    - Tracing points
    - Increasing font and object sizes
    - Exporting images to the clipboard

4. Exploring the Input Bar
    - FitPoly
    - RandomBetween
    - Root
    - Sequence

5. Exporting your GeoGebra Worksheet to an Applet
6. Using the Spreadsheet
7. Adding JavaScript to a GeoGebra Applet
8. Showing and Hiding Objects
    - Playing with booleans
    - The Advanced tab in Object Properties

9. Creating Your Own Tools

Other Resources

This tutorial was written by Marc Renault