Module 1 - Visual Data Representation Module 6 - Inventory Analysis
Module 2 - Simulation Module 7 - Case Study
Module 3 - Breakeven Analysis Engaging Activities
Module 4 - Financial Models Macro Tutorial
Module 5 - Forecasting


This course is no longer offered. I have left the lessons online for any interested party to use as they see fit. No changes have been made since 2005.

We will use this web site for notes and assignments and use "Blackboard" for a Discussion Forum and Grade Postings. Accounts for you were set up at the beginning of the cohort.

About Blackboard

There are two buttons of primary interest to you for this course..
Announcements is self explanatory.
Use the Digital Dropbox (Under Student Tools button) to submit assignments, but send me an email so I know it is there.
You can check My Grades under Student Tools.

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