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I regularly teach courses in two areas of specialty—secondary English education and dramatic history; I also teach general education literature and writing courses such as writing-intensive first-year seminars and introduction to literature. Because of my teaching interest in English education, I approach each of my classes somewhat experimentally, trying strategies of teaching writing and reading that research and my own experience tell me have greatest likelihood of working for students but varying pedagogical approaches to suit the students and subject matter. I apply my background in theatre education to my classes, teaching plays and films and involving students in performance activities as part of their interpretive inquiry and conversation.


Writing-Intensive First-Year Seminar
Intensive writing class for first-year students with a thematic focus—on "Work and How We Make Sense of It."

Advanced Placement Writing
Intensive writing class for first-year students who have placed in based on their writing entrance exam. Thematic focus is "Learning and How We Make Sense of It."

College Writing
Intensive writing class for first-year students.

Basic Writing
Intensive writing class for entering students who can benefit from one-on-one attention to their writing and reading development.

Introduction to Literature
General education course introducing students to a variety of literary texts and methods of investigating and discussing them.

Introduction to English Language Arts Education
Initial course in the English education pedagogy sequence; introduces students to some of the most important ideas in literacy education at the secondary level including adolescent psychology, literacy development, and pedagogical strategies for writing and reading instruction. The course also involves field experiences in schools in the region.

Adolescent Literature
A course for secondary English education majors that focuses on both instructional strategies for teaching reading and engaging adolescents with literature.

Teaching English in Secondary Schools
The methods course for secondary English education majors; an upper-level course with intensive reading, application, and field experiences built in.

Theories and Approaches: Language, Literacy, and Learning
A course that introduces important theories about language learning, literacy, and literary criticism and identifies related teaching approaches for the secondary classroom.

Theories and Approaches: Performance in Language, Learning, Culture, and Literature
A course that introduces performance theories that can inform understanding of language use, cultural practice, and literary interpretation, and identifies related teaching approaches useful in working with adolescents.

Seminar in Drama: Gender in Contemporary Drama
Investigation of British and American drama from around 1980 to the present and its writers' varied ways of exploring the potential meanings and responses generated by enacting gender's performativity.

How and Why to Teach Women's Dramaturgy
A special topics literature class that examines the pedagogical and cultural implications of reconsidering British women's writing in dramatic forms.