FALL 2008

(updated 10.15.08) 

Instructor: Nathan Goates


Office: 223 Grove Hall

Phone: 717-477-1214



Syllabus (rev.08.25.08)


MWF Schedule -- use this if you are in the 12pm or 1pm section (rev.11.10.08) 

MW Schedule -- use this if you are in the 5pm or 6:30pm section (rev.11.10.08)



Group Project: Assignment Description

Personality Assessment and Thought Paper: Assignment Description

Case One: Case and Assignment Description

Case Two: Assignment Description (hard copies of the case can be found outside my office door)

Case Three: Case and Assignment Description


Note: All papers should cite referenced work appropriately.  I'm indifferent as to which citation

style you use (when I write I use APA), just that you use one, use it correctly, and use

it consistantly.  To that end, I recommend a style guide, like this one.





what is organizational behavior

(& how we know what we know)


(reserve) A Brief History of Time, Ch. 1



individual differences


(reserve) Patriarchy at the Checkout Counter

Justices' Ruling Limits Lawsuits on Pay Disparity

NOTE: If you're asked for a password after following the link above, click here for instructions.

Different, but (Probably) Equal

Personality Plus

Those Low Grades in College...



working in teams


(reserve) The Team Performance Curve

(reserve) GroupThink





(reserve) Carter Racing (A)

(reserve) Judgement in Managerial Decision-Making



negotiation & conflict resolution 


Some Wise and Mistaken Assumptions...

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The Tragedy of the Commons 

(reserve) Three Approaches to Resolving Disputes

(reserve) Secrets of Power Negotiation



organizational culture  


Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

What's the Matter With College (optional)

The Paradox of "Corporate Culture": Reconciling Ourselves to Socialization

     **alternative link to Paradox...**  (Both will take some time to download.  Please be patient.)

The Culture Excuse (short-ish)

If Preppies Took Over Wal-Mart (very short)





Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good Job!"   

On the Folly of Rewarding A While Hoping For B



leadership & ethics


excerpts from The Prince 

Lincoln's Letter to Horace Greeley

The Social Responsibility of Business

Challenging the Generals

The Music Man



power & influence


(reserve) Rules for Radicals 

(reserve ) Influence, Ch 1

(reserve ) The Power Elite

The Uses of Poverty 





(reserve) The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: Worlds Shaped by Words 






What is a scholarly source? 


As part of the group project, everyone is required to find and summarize two academic/scholarly-type articles on an organizational behavior topic related to your group project topic.  I expect these articles to be of help as you later write your final paper (which means that you will probably cite these articles in your final paper).

Confusion is bound to arise as to what constitutes an "academic/scholarly-type" article.   As you consider this question, you may find this tutorial helpful.  If you find an article and are unsure if it qualifies, please ask me.  You can also ask your librarian for help.  This can be done in person, from your computer, or by telephone.  Librarians live for these sorts of questions.