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Toru Sato
Dr. Sato

Psi Chi
Faculty Advisor

Photo of Dr. Morin

Dr. Morin

Psi Chi
Faculty  Co-Advisor

Shippensburg University

Psi Chi Seal

Psi Chi Officers & E-mail (

President: Jackie Cheesman  (jc8656)
Vice President: Jeremy Flick  (jf9510)     
Secretary: Jess Johnson  (jj2503)
Treasurer: Brooke Clevenger  (bc0060)
Historian: Rosey Tuttle  (rt5937)

Psi Chi E-mail:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Toru Sato  (tosato)

Faculty Co-Advisor: Dr. Sue Morin (smmori)

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Although all students are welcome to participate in any event, Psi Chi Events are indicated in green & purple.

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