symbol What is Psi Chi?

Psi Chi is a National honor society for outstanding Psychology students.  Our chapter at Shippensburg University does numerous things to enhance people's knowledge of Psychology.  Organizing social events, participating in and organizing social service events, having regular meetings throughout the semester, organizing presentations and discussions by guest speakers, and going on group trips to learn more about different psychological fields are just a fews things that Psi Chi does.  Psi Chi members are expected to keep their GPA above the minimum requirement of 3.2 for psychology courses and 3.0 overall.  Members must also attend at least two meetings and three events per semester as well as pay a yearly fee of $8 (or $4 per semester).  By complying with these rules, members are eligible to wear honor cords at graduation.

How to Join Psi Chi:

1). You must have completed at least 36 credits at Shippensburg University.

2). You must have completed at least three psychology courses at Shippensburg University.

3). You must be registered as a psychology major or minor.

4). You must have an overall GPA of 3.0 and a psychology GPA of 3.2.  Graduate students need to have a "B" average or better in all of their classes.

5). You can only apply at the beginning of the spring semester.  Application due dates are usually some time in February or March in the spring semester.

6). Go to the "" and tap/click "MEMBER" - "Become a Member" and follow the directions to complete the online application process

7). Obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript through the your MyShip account and e-mail it as an attachment to Dr. Norwood.

8). Write a $60 check payable to Psi Chi in an envelope addressed to Psi Chi in Dr. Norwood's' mailbox in FSC 114.  The $60 can be paid through venmo "@shippsichi" as well.  This $60 includes a $55 lifetime fee for the international office and a $5 chapter membership fee for the current academic year.

If your application is complete and you meet all the requirements, we will e-mail you an invitation to the induction ceremony a few weeks after the application due date.

For more information, Click Below: || Events || Shippensburg Psi Chi Chapter || Psych Dept. || Psych Book Club || Psi Chi International Site