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General Psychology:
General Psychology - All the basics, from neurons to psychotherapy
PsicologÝa General - Traducciˇn al castellano:  Nacho Madrid
Personality Theories:
Personality Theory: A Biosocial Approach
Personality Theories - The major theories, from Freud to Frankl
TeorÝas de Personalidad  - Traducciˇn al castellano: Dr. Rafael Gautier
Pers÷nlichkeitstheorien -  ▄bersetzung auf Deutsch: Diana Wieser
Теории за личността - Translation into Bulgarian: Pipi Kanjeva
Social Psychology:
Social Psychology Basics - From person perception to persuasion and much more
Grundlagen der Sozialpsychologie - ▄bersetzung auf Deutsch: Diana Wieser
History of Psychology:
History of Psychology - From Thales to Thorndike, Socrates to Sartre, Plato to Piaget...
Geschichte der Psychologie - ▄bersetzung auf Deutsch: Diana Wieser
Qualitative Methods:
Qualitative Methods Workbook - Phenomenological and other research methods
Introduction to Buddhism  The Buddha, Buddhist history, selections from the sutras...
Introducciˇn al Budismo - Traducciˇn: JosÚ Silvestre Montesinos