Frequently Asked Questions

What is a math circle?

Math circles are a form of education outreach and enrichment through which mathematicians share their passion with K-12 teachers and students. There are currently over two hundred active math circles. Ideal problems are low-threshold, high-ceiling; they offer a variety of entry points and can be approached with minimal mathematical background, but lead to deep mathematical concepts and can be connected to advanced mathematics. Our math circle brings together mathematics professors, university students, and 4th & 5th graders all working on interesting math problems and puzzles. Participants can expect to be challenged, to learn something new, to do some hands-on activities, and meet other people who also love math!

Who can apply?

Any student in 4th or 5th grade, regardless of which school they attend. We have, on rare occasion, considered allowing a 3rd grade student that is particularly talented in math and has a 4th- or 5th-grade sibling attending.

What if I have to miss one (or more) sessions?

If you know you will miss one or two sessions, that is okay. However, if you know you will miss at least three, then please look for future sessions rather than registering now.

Can parents attend?

Parents or guardians will always sign their children in and out of the circle meetings, and will be welcome to help their child settle in and feel comfortable. However, just like a sports team, we want the children to gain some independence and have interactions with us (the “coaches”), the college students that help us run the program, and the other participating children. While parents should not plan to attend the sessions, they are welcome to stay on campus or simply return at pick-up time.