Lecture 1: Course Introduction Lecture 10: Pearson's Correlation
Lecture 2: Descriptive Statistics Lecture 11: Spearman's and Cramer's  Correlation
Lecture 3: Continuous Probabilities Lecture 12: Introduction to Regression
Lecture 4: Hypothesis Testing Lecture 13: Regression Analyses
Lecture 5: Normality Testing Lecture 14: Multivariate Regression | Residual Mapping
Lecture 6: One and Two Sample Means Tests Lecture 15: Spatial Pattern Analyses
Lecture 7: Mann-Whitney U Test and Paired Tests Lecture 16: Directional Statistics
Lecture 8: Parametric Analysis of Variance Lecture 17: Time Series Analyses
Lecture 9: Non-Parametric Analysis of Variance  
Additional Lecture Information (View with SPSS mini lab 2)
Detecting Outliers

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