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01. Standards
02. A Historical Review
03. eLearning Theory
04. TPCK
05. 21st Century Learner
06. 21st Century Learning
07. Information Literacy
08. ICT Literacy
09. Media Literacy
10. OCW and OER
11. Web2.0 for Educators
12. 21st Century Classroom
13. Internet Basics
14. Internet Culture
15. Learning Management

16. Instructional Models
17. Learning Strategies
18. Assessment of eLearning
19. Case Studies
20. Emerging Ed. Technology

21. Social & Ethical Issues
22. Copyrights Issues
23. Internet Safety Issues
24. Digital Citizensship Edu
25. Trends and Issues
26. Learners' Voice

27. Video Gallery
28. Recommended Reading
29. Online Resources
30. Resources for Research
31. Professional Development

Technology Tools
A. Office Applications FAQ
B. Handy Tools Collection
C. Tools for Instruction
Thematic Topics
A. Commercial Software
B. Independent Software
C. Handhelds
D. Classroom Tools
E. Tutorials Collection
F. Tech Terms & Emoticons
G. Free Music, Image, Video
Web Source Evaluation

Criteria and Tools

Research Guide

Evaluating Web Pages:
Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

Website Evaluation Resources

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators


Sample Websites
Sample -A
Sample -B
Sample -C
Sample -D
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