Big Papers:
Perspectives Theory - available in German, Portuguese, and French
Seven Perspectives - available in German, French, Macedonian, and Ukrainian
Causes and Reasons: The Mechanics of Anticipation - available in French

Little Papers:

Towards a Buddhist Psychotherapy - available in Bosnian, Czech, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian
The Ultimate Theory of Personality - available in French
A Biosocial Theory of Neurosis - available in French, Russian
Thoughts on the Spirituality of Atheism - available in French, Hungarian, Ukrainian
A Phenomenologist Looks at Ontology - available in Bosnian, Romanian, Ukrainian
The Evolution of Morality - available in Latvian
Quality Realism - available in Norwegian
Images and Ideas
Consciousness - available in Norwegian
What is Consciousness?
Psychology Today and Tomorrow
Free Will - available in Turkish
Alienation - available in Turkish
Moral Relativism - available in Turkish

Phenomenological sketches:
Anger - available in German
Pleasure as a Special Case of Love
On Thinking
Nihilistic Tendencies in Psychology and the Phenomenology of Off-Color Joke

Comments on education:
Inferiority in Academia
Teaching. Learning, and the Phenomenology of Meaning
Is Liberal Education a Trivial Pursuit?

Informal personality tests:

Fromm's Orientations Test
Big Five Mini-Test
Alienation Test
Values Test
Sheldon Test
Jungian Types Test

Miscellaneous thoughts:

Three Levels of Mind
The Big Ten
Ten Values
Science and Empiricism
My Philosophy (a very brief sketch)
On Prayer
What if computers did all the work?
Where are all the alien civilizations?