Big Papers:
Perspectives Theory - available in German, Portuguese, and French
Seven Perspectives - available in German, French, Macedonian, and Ukrainian
Causes and Reasons: The Mechanics of Anticipation - available in French and German

Little Papers:

The Oedipus Complex Revisited
Towards a Buddhist Psychotherapy - available in Bosnian, Czech, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian
The Ultimate Theory of Personality - available in French, Bulgarian, Polish
A Biosocial Theory of Neurosis - available in French, Russian
Thoughts on the Spirituality of Atheism - available in French, Hungarian, Ukrainian
A Phenomenologist Looks at Ontology - available in Bosnian, Romanian, Ukrainian
The Evolution of Morality - available in Latvian
Quality Realism - available in Norwegian and Turkish
Images and Ideas
Consciousness - available in Norwegian, Polish, Turkish
What is Consciousness?
Psychology Today and Tomorrow
Free Will - available in Turkish
Alienation - available in Turkish
Moral Relativism - available in Turkish

Phenomenological sketches:
Anger - available in German
Pleasure as a Special Case of Love
On Thinking
Nihilistic Tendencies in Psychology and the Phenomenology of Off-Color Joke

Comments on education:
Inferiority in Academia
Teaching. Learning, and the Phenomenology of Meaning - available in Polish
The Ultimate Theory of Personality
Is Liberal Education a Trivial Pursuit?

Informal personality tests:

Fromm's Orientations Test
Big Five Mini-Test
Alienation Test
Values Test
Sheldon Test
Jungian Types Test

Miscellaneous thoughts:

Three Levels of Mind
The Big Ten
Ten Values
Golubkov's Language-Personality Theory
Science and Empiricism
My Philosophy (a very brief sketch)
On Prayer
What if computers did all the work?
Where are all the alien civilizations?
Nature and Love