dots Course Documentation

Throughout the semester, each student in the class had the opportunity to document a class period. This gave them a chance to practice their skills in a classroom setting while providing a glimpes into the world of digital fine art design printing. All the materials gathered are used to create a chronological record for the semester.

Students are given the opportunity to learn to create, develop and implement a complete visual language strategy. As well as develop supporting documents, materials, and protocols for the color and workflow management process. Successful completion of this course will give students the opportunity to obtain the necessary foundation in digital printing workflow, color management and production. Obtaining these skills will help students gain a highly sought after knowledgebase and a competitive edge. Now see the students in action!

August 28th, 2012


The course is introduced to the students that signed up for a new experience in taking on the challenge of digital fine art design printing. The professor goes over the syllibi as well as the course activity schedule. The class also gets an overview on the different skill sets they are going to learn during this semester. Then the class takes a trip down to get a first look at the new exhibit, Abstraction, Texture & Typography presented by the professor. This is the type of project that the class is going to work together to create by the end of the semester.


Photos by Chris Medykiewicz



September 4th, 2012


This is the first class period where the class sit down and goes over their work they have gathered so far for the class. Over the summer the students had to collect photos to ensure that they would have material to work with. This is the time where the students took the time to provide input on each others work so far with the guidence of the professor. Then professor Whiteley went over some of the mistake that happen when printing fine art as well as other problems that an artist might run into.


Photos by Brianna Spayd



September 6th, 2012


Reception for the Abstraction, Texture & Typography exhibition. This was an exhibition of digital fine art and design prints by Professor Will Whiteley of Shippensburg University's Art & Design Department. It took place at 3:30 pm in the Huber Art Center at Shippensburg University. The works were compiled over the last from various locations inside and outside the country.


Photos by Samantha Wood



September 11th, 2012


The Gettysburg field trip was an off-campus photoshoot reserved for the students enrolled in Digital Fine Art Design Printing course. Aside from its rich history, Gettysburg also has a vast amount of open fields filled with natural settings that show off the beauty of Pennsylvania. All of these factors came together to provide breathtaking photography opportunities that the students would not have been able to capture in the class room.

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Photos by Brian Picariello



September 18th, 2012


During this class period students had time to independently work on preparing their images that would contribute to their digital fine art design printing portfolio due at the end of the semester. Also at least one image had to be completly finished and turn in so that it could be used on the exhibition poster. The poster would be used to promote the exhibition the class would design later in the semester.


Photos by Athena Barbour



September 25th, 2012


Students were to take part in a photo shoot to continue to expand on their portfolio of images. Professor Cambell was generous enough to provide the class with an interesting subject to shoot. He drove his prize winning Chevrolet truck to campus and parked it infront of old main. The students spent the next two hours carefully selecting the best possible angles to capture all that the truck had to offer. The photo shoot was captured on film to document the process.

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Photos by Sarah Brotzman



October 2nd, 2012


Students were to tour the Shippensburg University Campus, taking photos of whatever they could find in their own backyard. The assignment was to turn the ordinary objects that are normally overlooked into art. That by taking those objects and viewing them from a new perspective, they can be transformed into works of art. This was one of the underlying themes of the course, to help broaden the minds of the students and challenege their creativity.


Photos by Athena Barbour, Vinnie Secary & Lauren Crouse



October 5th, 2012


The Art & Design Department orchestrates a trip to New York City every year for students who are looking to experience the beauty the city has to offer. The big apple is the perfect venue to provide unique shoots that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

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Photos by Allison Biechy & Shana Arnold



October 9th, 2012


By this point in the semester most of the students have been able to learn the entire printing procedure. They were beginning to turn that practice into actual experience. They put their work through the process and started printing examples. They worked together to spot problems and to find solutions. Using to time in class, they compared qualities of samples of prints.


Photos by Shana Arnold



October 23rd, 2012


This class was involved the same type of practice as the class before it. The difference was that most of the students had some experience under their belt. One new form of training the Professor made a main theme was the quality of the paper used to create fine art design prints. Depending on the paper there can be mistakes in it that show up after printing. Using a special magnetizing tool these mistakes can be spoted. By having a mistake in the paper, a print can come out looking different. Showing a real example provided hands on experience for all of the students.


Photos by Aaron Hautz



November 1st, 2012


Student exhibition reception was a major success and the event was attended by the art community at Shippensburg University. Those who arrive at the start were able to listen to the student artists of the show speak in depth about what it took to accomplish the task of creating digital fine art desgin prints. Then the students opened the disscussion up to a question and answer session. At the end of the reception the students were recognized for their efforts by the gallery director and the dean of the art department.

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Photos by Lauren Crouse



November 13th, 2012


During this class period the students took an in class work today to begin wrapping up the course material. This included printing what is left of their seven prints that must complete for the course. The Professor also went over how to properly construct a physical portfolio to compile all of pieces created throughout the semester.



Photos by Montrell Fletcher