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Welcome to my calculus tutorial and friend to the 1st year calculus student.

Karl's Calculus Tutor has been revamped for Fall '99 with more standard math notation for improved readability.

Email help is available, but please do try to find help in the text of these pages before you go sending me your questions. Note that I will not do your homework problems for you. I will only give you tips. You can reach me at hahn@netsrq.com.

Please make sure your email address is included in your question, either in the email header or somewhere in the text. I can't answer your question if I can't find you. Also, please observe that the online material here contains dozens of worked problems on a number of different topics. One of them might be similar to the one that is giving you difficulty. So drop in and have a look around. Finally, please do not send attachments. Because of the danger of computer viruses, any attachment you send is not likely to be opened. Rather than scanning a handwritten problem and sending it to me, please try to cipher it into plain-text on your keyboard. If you have any doubt about how to type in a math notation that I can read, please click here first for pointers on how to send math notation over the email.

Privacy: Your confidence is important to me. It is a blanket policy of Karl's Calculus Tutor that all correspondence you make requesting math help will remain confidential. Karl's Calculus Tutor will not disclose your name, your email address, or the content of your correspondence to anybody unless ordered by a court to do so.

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Please note that Karl's Calculus Tutor is still a work in progress. Expect a new unit to come on line every month or so. Currently being drafted: Exam Problems and Intro to Integral Calculus
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